Grade 12 Federation Team Update & ID Session Dates
  • 27 February, 2021

Thank you to all who sent in an Expression of Interest in this team to date.  We’re pleased to report that we are about 90% there.  However, we do need another couple of players to put their name forward / turn up to trial – we are a little light on numbers.  Here’s a few more details:

Coaching team.  I say coaching team, because at this stage it is likely to be a coaching team approach.  All of the following coaches have other responsibilities and priorities.  We aren’t yet sure who will be ‘head coach’, or even if anyone is in a position to be ‘head coach’.  If someone wants to step in to lead or assist this coaching team, please let us know!  In (first name) alphabetical order we have had the following people offer their time and commitment to coach this team: Chris Newmarch, Hamish Crawford, Marcus Prestney & Steve Giles.

Saturday or Sunday games?  We have decided to join the Waikato league which plays on Sundays.  Every second game is likely to be played in Hamilton / Cambridge, every other game played in Taupō.

How is the team being selected?  We will hold ID Sessions on the following days:

  • Tuesday 9 March at 5.30pm at Crown Park (Invergarry Road entrance)
  • Tuesday 16 March at 5.30pm at Crown Park (Invergarry Road entrance)

Please bring your usual football playing equipment and water bottles.  The sessions will conclude at 6.30.  If you are interested in this team but not yet committed, please come to the ID Sessions anyway – we can talk to you more about what is involved.  If it’s not for you, no worries.  But we’d love to see your players at the trial.  Please do your best to attend both trials.

When are the practices?  We will practice Tuesdays and Thursdays 5.30 – 6.30pm.  Initially Tuesdays only through until Easter; after Easter we will train both days of the week.

What’s the season?  May 2 until September 5 (dates to be confirmed).

Can players still play in the club Saturday competition?  We won’t rule that out at this stage, but we need to ensure players are at their best for Sunday games.  We also need to manage training time – ensure players aren’t overloaded and a) get bored of football or b) get injured.

Will this team go through to the McCartney tournament in October?  Not necessarily, but I’m sure it will form the nucleus of the G12 McCartney team.  Fed 12 players will certainly have priority for the McCartney team if they wish to play in it (and I’m sure everyone will, it’s an amazing tournament).  Additional players will be added because Federation football is 9-aside, and McCartney tournament is 11 a-side.  Also, some players may leave the team at the end of the Federation season to either play in the girl-only teams, or potentially to play in the G11 McCartney team if we have any players playing up a grade.

We will be insisting on positive attitudes and best behaviour from players (and supporters!) and for players to be ‘switched on’ during all practices and games.  This requires being READY TO GO at the allocated practice time, which means turning up early, assisting coaches with equipment setup and take-down and starting warm-up’s at 5.30 sharp.  All players will be required to sign up to a Behaviour Policy (WaiBOP requirement).

We look forward to seeing your players at the ID Sessions.

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