Covid 19 and Taupo AFC

At Level 2, Football can continue to run in Taupo, with some changes.

  • Please sign in at the QR code provided
  • Please use sanitiser if provided
  • Please do not stand in between the fields in play, stand on the outsides.
  • Where possible, please do not bring spectators
  • After games please leave the balls so they can be sprayed/sanitised
  • Please no hi5s/fist pumps/cuddles after the game/training….just a polite wave from a safe distance is grand
  • Please practise social distancing where possible
  • Please leave the grounds straight after your training or game to ensure we do not exceed 100 people
  • If you are feeling unwell at all please stay home
  • Water bottles should not be shared under any circumstance.
  • Food, such as half-time oranges or lollies, should not be shared.

For more information:

The full Health and Safety Plan is below.

Alert Level 2 –Reduce

Under Alert Level 2 the disease is contained, but there is still a risk of community transmission. The objective of this H&S Plan is to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus, and to be able to rapidly track and isolate any cases that may arise.

General measures

  • Stay home if you’re sick.
  • Gatherings must be restricted to a maximum of 100 people per field, and the details below identify how the club will reduce potential contacts between teams. Some sidelines between fields will be spectator-free to avoid supporters from various teams mixing.  Supporters can watch the action from the opposite sideline.  Areas closed to spectators will be sign-posted on the day.
  • Limit the number of supporters where practical.
  • A digital contact tracing system will be in place around the grounds to allow families to record and retain the contact details of all people involved in, or attending, Saturday games. We will also provide pen and paper outside the top toilet block for those who can’t sign-in digitally.
  • Surfaces and equipment must be regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Good personal hygiene practices should be followed. Wash and dry your hands for at least 20 seconds, or use hand sanitiser, before and after activities. Cough into elbow and don’t touch your face.
  • Physical distancing of 2 metres should be maintained wherever possible, especially from people that you don’t know. It is recognised that contact during physical activity will occur but this should be minimised as much as possible, especially off the field of play.
  • Avoid unnecessary close contact or unhygienic practices, including avoiding handshakes, group huddles and the sharing of halftime oranges.
  • People at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19 should take additional precautions, particularly older people and those with existing medical conditions.



Responsibilities & Actions


Contact Tracing Entry Points

Tracking Teams

Tracking Spectators

Taupo AFC

Team Coaches/Manager

Every person who enters the Taupo AFC/Crown Park facilities must scan themselves and their families in using the NZ COVID TRACER App OR sign in with pen and paper outside the top toilet block.  There will be numerous posters around the ground.

Team Coaches & Managers will record team lists of those that have attended any trainings/games.

Players Hygiene Coaches Manager


No handshakes.

No team huddles.

No shared food (such as halftime oranges).

No high fives.

Bathrooms Hygiene Taupo AFC Hand soap will be available in all bathrooms.

Paper towels will be available in all bathrooms.

Only 1 person per stall is permitted in the bathrooms at any given time.

Equipment Ball Pump



Match Balls

Training balls




Dugout ‘walls’

Taupo AFC


Ball pump to be sanitized after use

Goals to be sanitized at the end of every training/game.

Nets, flags, stakes, dugout walls to be sanitized after every training/game.

Match balls are to be sanitized prior to every match along with all players using sanitizer prior to taking the pitch.

All training balls to be sanitized after every training/warm-up.

Chairs are not to be used in the dugouts.

Spectator Areas Spectators Taupo AFC

Coaches & Managers


Cone off some areas that we need to keep spectator-free.
Spectator Areas Spectators Spectators Reduce the number of spectators & supporters attending games, where practicable.

Please leave directly after the game

Parking Close contact Attendees Identify which carpark various grades should park in, to avoid unnecessary contacts between teams.


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