McCartney Tournament Teams

McCartney Tournament Teams

McCartney Tournament Teams

From Grade 9 up (for the 2023 Season, that’s those born in 2014 and earlier), Taupō players will have the opportunity be selected to represent the club at the McCartney Tournament. This takes place 6-7-8 October 2023 in Taupō.

Grades Boys 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 and Girls U10 & U12 will all have a team selected to represent Taupō in the McCartney Tournament and possibly other tournaments within the WaiBOP region.

This requires additional training time and may require some travel to tournaments / friendly games are organised against other clubs. These are likely to be on Sundays during July-September.

Preference for McCartney Tournament team selection will be given to those who have attended the player development program for their age group, and selection takes into account aptitude for the game, commitment and good attitude. While the focus remains to have fun, it is a step up from the Saturday football competition, with more technical coaching, and does require a greater time commitment.

Practice sessions for McCartney Tournament training will be on Mondays from 14 August until the tournament begins, with likely additional Thursday sessions closer to the tournament (at the coaches discretion).

Team selection will be August 2023.

There will be a cost for those selected and this will go towards tournament fees.

Consideration for McCartney teams without attendance in the Development Program will be at the discretion of each coach.


Girls McCartney Teams

Female players are encouraged to represent Taupō AFC in the McCartney Tournament Girl-only grades (G10, G12 & potentially G14).  These girls teams will be run as a single training squad, but with break-out sessions for each team.  The same cost, training days and selection criteria as above applies.


Each player will be put in the applicable grade based on their date of birth.

Dispensations to play in a higher or lower grade will be considered on application for the Saturday competition.

For Player Development Squads and McCartney Teams, no dispensations will be allowed.

The only exceptions to this are for the Grade 9 Player Development Squad, where we may allow Grade 8 players to take part as we have no Grade 8 Player Development or McCartney team. This will be on application and at the coaches discretion.



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