Taupo AFC Strip for our Juniors
  • 28 March, 2021

Thanks to a grant from the Alterno Foundation, all of our Juniors will be wearing Taupo AFC colours and logo in 2021.

While we allocate our juniors into teams and run a competition, we’re keen to reinforce to our players and parents that we are all part of the same club, and all being dressed the same is a powerful way to do that.

Strip (shirts) will be allocated out at the start of the season to each player. We expect this to be worn for all trainings and games, and returned at the end of the season.

Practically, this means that for the majority of our Saturday games, one team will need to wear bibs. An “away” team (bibs) will be nominated on the draw.

Taupo AFC would like to thank the Alterno Foundation for their support of the club and of Junior football in Taupo. .


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